Students ' Attitude And Sense Of Pride Increasing Uniforms Essay examples

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Along with the students’ attitude and sense of pride increasing, wearing uniforms will allow students to focus more in their classes. The students and teachers will be able to focus more on their classes instead of what the students are wearing. Every day students walk into school worrying about whether or not their clothes look fashionable. People also get distracted by looking at other people’s clothing. Additionally, students arrive late to school because they are searching for clothes to wear that day. Along with the students, teachers can also save time in class by not having to check the students’ clothes. If the teachers save time that allows the students to have more time to learn. A very large portion of time would be saved in the classroom if there was a uniform policy in schools. Teachers would not have to worry about checking each student to see if they were following their dress code. Students would also not get distracted by others’ clothing (“Top 10 Reasons…”). Teachers check student’s outfits every day to see whether or not it is appropriate to wear. That takes time out of their teaching and that causes the students to learn less. Having school uniforms would always be appropriate for the students to wear since the school district would be picking them out. That way the teachers would not waste precious class time where they could be teaching their students. Also, the students would not get distracted from the teacher’s doing that. At Lyndhurst School…

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