Students At The Irondale High School Essay

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Students at the Irondale High School would get to class on time and risk the chances of been marked tardy and get a detention if the school district increases the passing time from six to eight minutes and have staffs and hall monitors regulate the flow of traffic. Although some teachers think the passing time is sufficient and should remain the same,students are finding it more diificult to adjust to these new changes.
The overcrowded hallways are not the only problem students at the Irondale
High School is facing this school year.The school district made a very drastic change which is highly noticeable in the school,the shortage of passing the time. It ‘s one of the most controversial topics that had been discussed by students and teachers since the beginning of the 2015­2016 school year.
The school district shortened the passing time from seven minutes to six minutes; five minutes for passing time and one minute for the warning bell. Last school year students had six minutes of passing time and two minutes for warning bells, as a result of this majority of the students have expressed their dislike concerning the new change.The students explained that it’s challenging to adjust.Through the school year, they are finding it extremely difficult to reach to class on time and would occasionally result in getting a detention or tardy, none of which is good.
With longer passing students can move around easily and get things done more efficiently without been overly stressed about…

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