Students And The Gang Violence Essay

760 Words Aug 20th, 2016 4 Pages
While most students in the cities have a lot of opportunities and advantages, I did not. The schools were poor and did not give good education. The teachers would leave because of the students and the gang violence. I went to school to teach myself sadly. While growing up in a small town was always so hard, I made the best out of it. I tried to keep myself busy and stay out of harms way. If you went outside at the wrong time, your life could be taken. If you wanted nice things or a good meal that was not home-cooked, then you had to travel at least two hours. In my household, we could not have bad grades. Bad grades led to not having a phone and being on punishment. No matter how hard classes would be, I had to go the extra mile to make sure I was on top of things. I started to slack when I got to high school and I was surrounded by so many distractions. I began to struggle in math and I came home with a C+. I really was satisfied with the grade because I thought it would be lower. My parents did not say too much and then I became a slacker. I wasn’t concerned with getting A’s and B’s. I was only trying to make it, doing just enough to get by. I had an older sister who always set the bar for me. When I saw her grades rising and how she got rewarded, it made me want to do better. I began to study more and actually want to put in effort. My sister graduated number eleven in her class and my parents were so proud. I wanted to do better and be a part of the top ten. The way I…

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