Students And Faculty At South College Essay

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Conducting a short observational, I will watch students and faculty at South College to see if health care students chose to use stairs or an elevator to go to the upper floor classrooms. Tracking if gender, extra weight like books, and whether they are going up or down floors effects the choices they make. Weighting the results and coming up with the percentages to see if health care students chose the healthy option when it comes to stairs or elevators.

Stairs Versus Elevator Usage at South College
Ever wonder if people when given a choice, will do what is better for them or what is the easier option. I attended a Privet college where a large portion of the student body is learning about the health care field. Being healthcare students and having inside knowledge I am curious to find if students take the easy route to classes by means of the elevator, or do they take the healthy route by taking the stairs. During this short observational report, I predict that most students will choose the elevator. I make this prediction based on a few factors like lots of books to carry, tired from full-time classes and most people I believe generally pick the easy option when presented with one. First a little about the building and how I made my observations. The building is a medium 4 story building that currently accommodates around 400 people, staff included. There are only two ways to the upper 3 floors where the classrooms are, the first way is an elevator, and the second…

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