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The employers should give sense that the employees understand and willing to accept their obligations and rights. Both employers and employees want to protect their interests.

Objective of the paper

Would you read the agreement very carefully before you sign any contract? Almost people will say not really. The contract is long and repeat the certain words again and again. It also has many specially word to avoid the ambiguity. The objective of this paper is use simple word and sentences to explain the long provisions in the contract, and tell you what conditions that they provide to you actually.

How the paper was completed

The first step of create this paper is read all the clauses in the employment contract line by line carefully. Pay attention to the certain words in the contract. I underlined some special words that can make me to notice them. Because English is not my first language, so I also give some Chinese meanings to some difficult words through translating dictionary. That can make me understand the meanings of the provisions.

The second step of this paper is try to connect with the principles that we studied in the class. All the provisions in this agreement should based on the common law. I can find many principles that let me know why the clauses should be written like that.

The third step is try to find out if the consultant or the company against the provisions in the agreement, how
CRAM Exclusive

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