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In one-to-one communication you start with a greeting or warm-up. You can also exchange information by having a conversation. At the end of your conversation you say your farewells or wind down. When you have a conversation with someone you do not really know well you should always make a positive impact and atmosphere. The other person needs to feel relaxed and also comfortable to talk and listen towards you as it will show friendly and kindness taking turns makes this more effective. As soon as you want to finish make sure you make them feel valued by making eye contact and good expressions. (Smiling and waving)
Group Communication
This contains the same issues as one to one communication; it only works well if people
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Forms of communication

Communicating between people allows us to share ideas and information. It helps us feel safe within our relationships it can also help peoples self-esteem. Awful communication can make an individual feel helpless and weak or emotionally threatened.

Care Professionals communicate and interact with their team and service users by using different types of communication based on verbal or non-verbal.

Verbal communication is word-based, there are many forms including:

One-to-one spoken communication between individuals
Text messaging using mobile phones
Written communication
Spoken (oral) communication within groups of people
Communication using information technology for example emails and other technological aids to communication

Non-verbal communication is non-word-based, there are different forms which include:

Unspoken communication using facial expressions
Music and drama have been called the language of emotion. Mime and drama provide powerful ways of communicating
The use of signed (visual) languages
Braille communication using raised marks on paper that can be touched
Artwork, paintings, photographs, sculptures, architecture, ornaments and other objects

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