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Special Issue on Non-probability Samples
This issue covers only one topic – nonprobability sampling. Andy Peytchev selected the articles and edited the issue. Some articles have formulas and the content of many articles is too complex for display using the software we use to publish SP, so we are experimenting with PDFs.
The articles span a broad spectrum, including the evaluation of bias in a nonprobability sample, the review of assumptions in a nonprobability sampling method that provide the potential for bias, the conditions under which a nonprobability sampling design can lead to valid
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They also present an evaluation of the tradeoff between bias and efficiency (reduction of cost and respondent burden hours).
Barry Johnson and Kevin Moore present an example where the Survey of
Consumer Finances, a probability sample, is augmented with estate tax return data, a nonprobability sample, using a multiplier technique. This allows the reporting of detailed estimates for relatively small subpopulations. Time trends and simulations are used to support the data augmentation.
Publisher: AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research)
Suggested Citation: Special Issue on Non-probability Samples. 2009.
Survey Practice. 2 (6).
ISSN: 2168-0094


John Kennedy et al.

A somewhat similar but more general approach to augmentation of a probability sample with data from a nonprobability sample is proposed by
Michael Elliott. A detailed description is provided for the estimation and scaling of weights that can then be used on the combined data from both samples. A simulation study shows that when model assumptions are sufficiently satisfied, bias and MSE of estimates can be reduced.

Articles in the Special Issue on Nonprobability Sampling
Separating Selection Bias and Non-coverage in Internet Panels using Propensity

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