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南京师范大学2013-2014学年 第1学期

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Please write a research proposal in English with no less than 1000 and no more than 1500 words. It is SUGGESTED that your research proposal should be related to your graduation thesis and include the following content: a title, an abstract, the purposes and significance of the study, a brief review of the literature, the research design, the outline of the writing and a bibliography. Marks will be awarded for complying with the academic standards regarding the formality in form, feasibility of the study and appropriacy in language. Failure to follow the above
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Literature review: Family education is related to everyone. With the development of society, we need a lot of talented people. However, Chinese children and American children have different world outlooks because of politics, economic and culture. Nowadays, Chinese people pay more and more attentions to family education. They are trying to find out a better ways to educate their children. Zhang Wei (2008) holds that China and America have a different family education because of different historical backgrounds, economic forms, and social conditions and so on. Zhao Bo (2011) mentions that the child is the treasure of the family, the future of the society, and the tomorrow of the motherland. Moreover, family education is not only having a great impact on children’s development, but also directly related to the development of nation, society. There are also some books about comparisons between Chinese family education and American family education. For example, in Zhang Chuang Sheng’s book---MEIGUO BABA ZHONGGUO BABA, he mentions Chinese parents need to learn something from American family education. In his another book called American family instructions, he analyses the advantages and disadvantages between Chinese and America. He told thirty true stories to show the whole details of American family education.

Basic content: This paper mainly deals with the different family educations between China and America so as to put forward a new

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