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Research Proposal paper
Binh Tran
July 14, 2014

Research Proposal for Starbucks

Strategic planning is the process of gathering information from stakeholders, market players, professional entity, and government agency. The purpose of gathering information is formulating a realistic and a workable framework that any organization can implement and work with. Evaluation of information is a key aspect in determine the kind of plans that the organization wish to a chive over certain a period. Strategic planning ensures the implementation is, crafted well, and parties involved be acquitted with it. Developing a good Strategic plan helps a company to implement its missions and visions effectively, and helps the company to evaluate its
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8. Coming up with a development vision statement that the organization will work toward too. This should be a realistic and an achievable statement vague statement will deter progress.
9. Mission review should happen often to check on the progress made and what needs to be improved to achieve the Strategic plan.
10. Coming up with development goals to, facilitate growth. Growth is an important aspect that determines the progress of an organization and how completive it should be. Sources for Internal and Externals Environmental Analysis
The most effective method is to use SWOT that helps in identification of all analysis be it internal. The internal sources will be through Starbucks website and the externals information will be through government website. Evaluation of market strategy, these will include research of what is are the strong point and weakness of Starbucks competitors, factors influencing high sales for a company and finally companies that the company need to compete with for the organization to be successful. Company Assessment
Starbucks needs to evaluate the best in it is production and services. It also needs to look at it is assets compared to the competitors and if they are worthy their capability.
Competitors Assessing
Different organization looks at the level of technology that competitors used in production of their services. Another crucial thing is the evaluation of what the competitor’s customer are

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