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The five interview objectives covering the chief accountant's interview are as follows: 1. Read background material
We should read and understand the background information about interviewees and the organization as possible. 2. Establish interviewing objectives
We should use background information gathered like our own experience for establishing the interview objectives. 3. Decide whom to interview
While deciding whom to be interviewed, we should include the key people at all the levels who will be affected by system in some manner. 4. Prepare the interviewee
We should prepare person to be interviewed by the call ahead or sending the email message and allowing interviewee time for thinking about
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3. The chief accountant has four subordinates who also use the system. Would you interview them also? Why or why not?
Yes, the subordinates will be also called for interview, as they are also the users of the system so they also know about the up gradations needed for the system. The subordinates can give a more clear view of the problem and the needs of the system. A group interview will be conducted with the subordinates. 4. Would you also try to interview customers? Are there better ways to get the opinions of customers? Why or why not?
Yes, the customers can also be asked for the system improvements. Since the first objective is to satisfy, the customers and interviewing them will help to understand their needs in a better way. Workshops are a better option in this context. 5. Write three open-ended questions that you will email to the chief accountant prior to your interview. Write a sentence explaining why it is preferable to contact an interviewee directly rather than via email.
1. What are the problems in the current system?
2. What upgrades are needed?
3. What time the interview can be conducted?
The direct interview is better than the email as the email interview is a long and time-consuming process. In addition, this allows more information to be exchanged and discussed.
Part II: 1. In a paragraph, explain to Flo Chart how prototyping can help her to better define users’ information requirements.
The problems of a linear

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