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A McKinsey (2001) survey of 6,900 managers at 56 large and midsize U.S. companies found that organizations can achieve competitive advantage through better talent management. The highest ranked companies said that the strength of their talent pool was among the top three priorities of senior leaders. McKinsey propose that managers must rebuild their recruiting strategies; create plenty of opportunities for development; and learn to identify their A (as well as their less capable) performers and invest in them appropriately. In particular, they must pay greater attention to measuring performance and feedback. In this survey, 89% of respondents said that candid feedback was important, but just 39%
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“You’ve got to believe that the team that fields the best players wins. If you tell the bottom ten where they stand, that it’s time to look for something else, that’s considered cruel management.” But, says Welch, it’s far crueller to let people hang on and then get cut later in their careers when they’re less likely to find other work. If you would like to hear more about the approach used at G.E. go to
Feedback is a type of communication that we give or get. Sometimes, feedback is called "criticism," but this seriously limits its meaning. Feedback is a way to let people know how effective they are in what they are trying to accomplish, or how they affect you. It provides a way for people to learn how they affect the world around them, and it helps us to become more effective. If we know how other people see us, we can overcome problems in how we communicate and interact with them. Feedback is a must for people who want to have honest relationships. As a powerful and important means of communication, feedback connects us, and our behavior, to the world around us. Of course, there are two sides to feedback: giving it, and receiving it.

Receiving Feedback

In the first moments when you realize that you are being criticized your heart beats faster, skin temperature goes down and you even lose peripheral vision. Because you feel

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