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Analyze the factors contributing to Gender Disparity in Education

Name: Sonam Jamtsho SCM: 019421

Faculty of Education


Name (According to NRIC/PassportSonam Jamtsho | NRIC/Passport NumberG037585 | SEGi Student ID019421 | Current SemesterJune | Name of Course LecturerDr Loh Wah Ching | Course Code | Course NameIntroduction to Education | Assignment Deadline10th July, 2012 | Date of Submission10th July, 2012 | I am submitting (please tick the appropriate box) Other (please specify)__________________
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Children of school age in the developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and many other countries are growing up without access to modern basic education, while millions of other s languishes in sub-standard learning situations where little learning takes place. This proves that there is gender disparity in education in many parts of the developing countries.
Therefore, whatever we plan and do in our life, education plays a master role in reshaping our life and making us to rich in our destined place, in spite of difference in gender. That means; every man, woman and children have their own right to access through education. In nutshell gender, disparity should not prevail at any cost. However, it prevails then. Why does it prevail? And what are the ways to eliminate such issues that contribute to the loss of esteem and status as an individual, group, society, nation, and worlds? Thus, analysing the factors, which contributes to gender disparity, and exploring the ways to reduce gender disparity in education is vital.

What is the real concept of gender disparity in education?
As per my view, gender disparity in education merely refers to unequal opportunities among males and females to claim for and access to all level of education in their life even if they are same citizen of the country or that particular society. On

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