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University of Cincinnati Clermont College Fall Semester 2015 Course Title: Business Analytics I Course #: BANA2081 Online Course: Therefore, there is neither a classroom nor a specific day/time. Course Facilitator: Dr. Barry Smith Work Phone: 307-251-2029 (No texting please!)
Office Location: Casper, Wyoming
Office Hours: Usually online from 7:30 to 9:30 pm MT daily. It does vary as I am on during the day, as well as later on some days. Email: (I check throughout the day so please feel free to email me any questions you may have in class.)
Skype: doctorwho1971 (If you choose this option please state you are my student and the class name and section or
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We will divide the course into 3 modules. Text/Other Materials: This course uses the book Statistics for Business and Economics. 12th edition by Anderson, Sweeney, et. al. You will also need a scientific calculator. You need access to the following technology: * Broadband internet access * Adobe pdf writer/reader * Access to a scanner or camera * Microsoft Word * Microsoft Excel (or some other type of similar program) * Webcam/Microphone * Window PC Users: * Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or higher, Firefox 34 or higher * Windows 7 or 8, Vista or XP * The latest version of Adobe Flash must be installed into IE or Firefox * Mac Users: * Safari, with OSX 10.5 or higher * Adobe Flash Players * The latest version of Adobe Flash must be installed into Safari * Identification: * UC identification, State Identification Card, Driver’s License, or Passport

Class Grading: 15% Weekly Quizzes 35% Projects 35% Module Tests 15% Final Exam

Grading Scale: A: 93% – 100% A-: 90% - 92% | B+: 87-89% B: 83%-86% B-: 80% - 82% | C+:77%-79% C: 73%-76% C-: 70%-72% | D+: 67%-69% D: 63%-66% D-:60% - 62% | F: 0%-59%

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