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Business Communication Trends
Com/285 Introduction to Business Communication
University of Phoenix

Business Communication Trends
Operating a business is a difficult task that necessitates endurance under difficult circumstances, the ability to focus, capacity to learn new skills, and technologies that provides an extra impetus to a company, organization, or business. “Relaying messages in a professional setting are vital to the production and life of an organization” (PeaChic, p. 1). Technology increases exponentially annually and if businesses wish to remain competitive the companies must keep abreast of the latest communication technology. These technologies enable companies to communicate effectively.
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Internet access plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations at Mountain View Gardens (MVG). Many times the Internet saves time and money when researching for repair parts. MVG uses the Internet for advertising, and communication with various venders. From the Internet, managers place orders for consumables and food products. Managers also communicate over the Internet via blogs, or live chat.
Electronic mail commonly called e-mail is a method of delivering information via the Internet. Electronic mail (e-mail) is the most popular service used by employees of the MVG and Hawthorn. Potential customers use e-mail when requesting specific information about the retirement community. Vendors use e-mail to communicate a delivery date, pick-up date, and confirmation numbers for orders. Additionally, e-mail saves time and money because digital messages allow the sender to relay messages without conversations via the phone with each person. The sender may select an individual, a group of people, or all when sending a message. E-mail allows the user to either reply to the sender or forward the message. Sensitive and confidential information use conventional mail as this method is more secure than e-mail (Alverno College, July 2003).
Other forms of communication include written, copy machine, and faxes. Written forms of communication include memos, publications, operations manuals, along with rules and regulations pertaining to the

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