Student 's Health Needs And Its Impact On College Campuses Essay

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Rhiannon Glossin
UNIV 200 MWF 9am
16 September 2016
Unit 1 Assignment

Of many changes in college campuses that has happened in recent years, one that goes unnoticed is the growth of the mission, services, and facilities of campus Wellness Resource Centers. Decades ago, most colleges and universities believed their only mission was to set up a clinic for the sick and injured. Today, driven by a better understanding of student’s health needs and its impact on their learning, many universities, including Virginia Commonwealth University, offer much more.

The demands on Wellness Resource Centers have grown to be greater and more complex than before. More students today come to campus with significant health needs, including those of mental health. According to the American College Health Association, one in four college students are already taking psychotropic drugs (n.a. 2014), which enable some students to go to college who would otherwise not be able to. Many students also need help managing serious conditions such as asthma, ADHD, eating disorders, addiction, various autism-spectrum disorders, and physical disabilities.

The shooting tragedies at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, and Aurora, Colorado, have led to a stronger focus on mental health by colleges and universities. These centers also work to prevent suicide and help with alcohol and drug abuse. With sexual assaults on college campuses being put in the limelight, Wellness Resource Centers…

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