Student 's Freedom Of Expression Essay examples

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The year was nineteen sixty five, the Mustang had arrived, the Rolling Stones were on a world tour, and perhaps most important of all, the Vietnam War was being heavily protested throughout the country. These protests were not limited to just crowds however; it slithered all the way down to a small group of high school students. These students had unknowingly started a case that would end up making a huge impact on how the public school system may limit a student’s freedom of expression.
Starting at the beginning, students John Tinker and Christopher Eckhardt wished to protest the war by promoting peace the way they went about this was by deciding to wear black armbands with a peace sign on them. However, even before they could wear them to school the school board heard of their plan and quickly made a policy to state that those would not be allowed due to being deemed a distraction to the classrooms. This obviously did not sit well with the two students, as well as a few others involved such as Tinker’s sister, Mary Tinker. They decided to wear the armbands anyway and were thus told to leave school if they would not take them off. Not only that, but until a time came that they would come to school without the armbands, they were suspended.
The family hadn’t yet decided to make this a legal battle until they were contacted by the Iowa Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU. Both offered support and to help with the lawsuit, with this soon it was fully underway. Courts now faced…

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