Student Teaching Experience: My Personal Experience In The Classroom

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I am currently placed at P.S. 230, in a second grade ICT classroom. My first impression of my student teaching placement was not so positive at first. When I walked into the classroom the teachers were not as welcoming as I would have hoped them to be. The environment there was not comfortable due to the lack of air condition, it made it difficult for me to focus, and enjoy it.
The first two days of student teaching was dedicated to cleaning and classroom setup before the children’s arrival on September 4th. What stood out to me was the teachers’ concern and priority to keep everything extremely neat and organized. After going through different placements, I have never experienced teachers that were as organized and neat as they were. While
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The room is carefully divided into several booths and sections for children to navigate through. There is a meeting, math, writing, and library area. When they are not sitting at their desks, they are formed into different groups that utilize these different areas. Everything around the room is labeled, such as desks, shelves, closets, and the different areas in the classroom to keep them aware of where everything is located. That type of environment gives the classroom a consistent flow and routine for the children to follow.
In the beginning I had different tasks that included putting up the children 's work, by cutting things out and putting them on bulletin boards or placing them around the room, and checking the children 's work before they handed anything in to my cooperating or co teacher. I also assisted children with anything they needed or are struggled with.
As three weeks went by, I gained a lot more experience, which gave me the opportunity to lead morning meetings, which were allot of fun. It also gave me the preparation I needed, and a chance for the children to get familiar with my leading role before I began teaching
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Another thing I would like to improve and implement is shared reading. We do practice independent reading which is a great way for the children to enhance their reading skills, but I believe reading a story out loud to them once a day gets them involved with the story and one another, which is a very enjoyable experience for them as well. They get the opportunity to reflect on the story and share their ideas with their peers, something they would not be able to while reading independently. I am aware that my teachers are busy and have lessons planned out, but I would love to share at least one book everyday for a few minutes. It would be more fun and relaxing to them instead of it being strictly academic. Ways that you and my supervisor can assist me is being there to listen as well as critic my performance and giving me constructive feedback on anything I need to improve. I would like you to provide me with any help and guidance I may need to enhance my teaching skills for the

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