Student Support Plan For Students With Disabilities Essay

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Student Support Plan For many students with disabilities, the key to success in the classroom is when they are provided with appropriate supports. These supports include adaptations, accommodations, and modifications of the classroom instruction and other school-related activities. This semester, I have been pre-service teaching in a self-contained classroom at New Haven Elementary school. My host class consists of one teacher, four paraprofessionals, and seven students. I observed one of my host students, for the purposes of this paper; we will call her Angela, on November 3rd, 2016. Angela has been diagnosed with multiple disabilities, one of which is Autism. I observed Angela during the class’s math centers and at art. Math centers last for ten minutes and occur from 9:45 am to 9:55 am. Angela’s special education placement is in New Haven’s district-wide self-contained room. This placement is mainly for low functioning, non-verbal, and students with disabilities. Most of her day is spent in this special education placement, however, the community at New Haven does allow for Angela and her classmates to take part in general education specials with typically functioning peers. The purpose of this is for Angela and her classmates to learn how to interact with other typically developing peers. For my second observation, I observed Angela in the general education’s first and second grades art class that occurred from 12:50 pm to 1:40 pm. Throughout this paper, I will discuss…

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