Student Students With Disability Or Trouble Learning Essay

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Yet, this brings up the next problem, a poorly designed lesson for any student with disability or trouble learning. This lesson plan’s attempt at prompting student learning is great in theory, but real classrooms would never be able to execute it. The main reason, is again its lack of thought for students with learning issues or even students not comfortable with the English language. To make this more simply put, if any part of the grade depends on students truly understand the information they are to read or even if it is purely used for reinforcement it will not be achieved for any students with disabilities, if a student has a problem with reading English than the teacher must give them all the time their IEP calls for, or else they run the risk of not following that student’s accommodations. Even in my current teacher’s class I am observing there is one period with seven IEP students, all of which have some accommodation for the teacher to read and explain things to them differently than how an assignment is put, if all of those students needed help, depending on how much they required, a 45 min class time would be almost lost to any other student that requires help. Aside from this, there is the problem of cheating, even in a small class of 20 students, a teacher cannot have their eyes on every action, trading answers or having a student completely ignore the assignment till the last minute of class than just copying answers will provide no useful information to that…

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