Student Should Take A Gap Year Essay

903 Words Jun 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Hundreds of thousands of students graduate from high school every year and they will make the decision about the college which they want to continue the education. While most student will go straight to college, but there are several students will take a year that is between high school graduation and the first year of college to have travel or work. This is called gap year. However, people have a lot of different opinions about student take a gap year, some of them think take a gap year is not a good choice for student. According to the article ‘Malia’s Gap Year and Why More Students Delay College” by Nina Hoe, I think student should take a gap year before they go to college.
Students are not really prepared to go to college immediately after graduate from high school, so take a gap year can is a reasonable alternative for those students who are not yet sure about their goals, dreams, and expectations for the future. Most students are a bit nervous going off to college, such as to make new friends, live in a new environment, or higher academic expectation from parents. They just not ready for college, but if they take a gap year, it is going to help them to find out what they really need. For example, Hoe said that in the article “Many American students are choosing to delay college in order to participate in activities to better prepare themselves for college -- whether it be personally, by making an intentional choice to expand their horizons, or financially, by heeding…

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