Student Retention And Early Leaving Essay example

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Student disengagement and early leaving are largely the students from indigenous or low socio-economic status (SES) living in remote or high poverty areas, the low academic achievers, as well as students living under family duress (Kirby, 2000; Lamb & Rice, 2008), which have resulted in poorer and mental health (Owen, 2004). Research has shown that schools that have successfully increase student retention employ a combination of school-wide and student-focused strategies or interventions. This is especially crucial for schools with many disadvantaged students (Lamb & Rice, 2008). Such efforts require a coordinated team of staff who are committed and trained to be responsive in adapting and refining their approaches to address both academic and social issues at an earlier stage of students’ academic career (Rumberger, 2004).
There are also strategies that can be introduced at various stages of a students’ education career so as to meet their learning need. For instance, a low SES school where I was placed last year uses student-focused programs such as Managed Individual Learning Pathways (MIPS) to actively involve students in planning their learning and academic pathways, which are adjusted annually or as needed. The teachers are also required to submit an at-risk list every term, so that school counsellors can intercede and help the students (and family). Furthermore, the school has also employed school-wide strategies (Lamb & Rice, 2008), such as including project-based…

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