Student Relationship Between Students And Teachers Essay

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Student teacher relationship is very important inside of a classroom. With this relationship students and teachers will most likely do great inside of the class, but without this relationship students are more likely to not do well. Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot about how any why these relationship is key to the success of both students and teachers.
Successful student-relationship enables good outcomes for both students and teachers. According to Mester et al. we must first see through our student’s eyes. Like these authors, Michael Walsh believes we must empathizes with students Once we see what our students see and feel what they feel we can build connections (qtd. Starkman). From these connections students begin to trust their teachers, because they see that that their teacher cares. When we build good students teacher relationship, teaching will more than likely be easy for us. Students will do what is expected of them and have a greater respect for their teachers. Students will be able to go their teachers whenever they need someone to talk to whether it’s about school issues or personal issues. If we fail to build these relationships both students and teacher fail. An example of failed student teacher relationships accoding to Mester is African American students believe that their thoughts, ideas, and views are ignored (Mester et al.). Since they believe this they feel as if their teachers do not care for them, and this is believed to be why they are…

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