Student Performance Using Minecraft As A Learning Tool Essay

884 Words Mar 27th, 2016 4 Pages
To evaluate student performance using Minecraft as a learning tool, this study used a quantitative method to determine whether students met course objectives in an online Minecraft history course. The data available for this study, which were numerical in nature, were better suited for a quantitative design (Reeves, 2015). Within quantitative research there are three common approaches, experimental, quasi-experimental, and ex post facto designs, the researcher gave equal consideration to each of these approaches (Reeves, 2015; Delost and Nadder, 2014). Due to the inability to manipulate student 's’ instructional program, the researcher chose not to use an experimental design (Reeves, 2015). Similarly, considered yet rejected, was a quasi-experimental design for this study due to grouping and the inability to manipulate the instructional program (Reeves, 2015). The approach chosen by the researcher was the ex post facto design due to the groups previously chosen by the online program and the nature of the pre-existing data (Delost & Nadder, 2014). The inability to control the independent variable, the instructional program, is consistent with comparative research and is a common design in educational research (Delost & Nadder, 2014).
During the 2014-2015 school year, students from various locations throughout the United States enrolled in an online Ancient History course at GameEd Academy, an online business which provides supplemental programs using Minecraft. In…

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