Student Performance And Lack Of Motivation Go Hand Essay

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Poor student achievement and lack of motivation go hand in hand. Professors and colleges are helping students to stay focus by providing financial, non-financial, and social rewards. Student motivation is crucial because it can affect the performance of a student. The types of rewards in my survey where college students ranked from 1 “not motivating at all” and 10 “very motivating” include scholarships, extra credit, curves, participation points, National Honor Society, fraternities/sororities, merit/cum laude on degree, movie tickets for the highest grade, and future grad school/academics. While these college students do not completely agree on everything, the results clearly show that they do strongly agree on some rewards. Extrinsic rewards are highly motivating for college students. Extrinsic rewards help students to stay focus and perform better in college activities and academics. Out of twenty-six students, twenty-five students found scholarships to be highly motivating and one student found it to be somewhat-motivating. From this result one can infer that scholarships provide an opportunity for students to gain additional funds to pay for books or any other college expense. Grants and Federal-aid are also extrinsic rewards which are on the top of the list for motivating college students to perform better. Out of twenty-six students, nineteen found grants/federal aid to be highly motivating, five students found it to be somewhat motivating, and one student ranked…

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