Student Parking At Tyler Junior College Essay

925 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Student Parking Its a crisp October Monday morning as Jill makes her way to the Tyler Junior College. She anticipated a crowded campus so she woke up thirty minutes earlier than she usual, just to ensure herself a parking space on campus. Upon arrival she soon realizes that her plan failed, every student parking space near her class was filled. The clock already showed that she had ten minutes before she will be late. She hastily parks then makes her way to the building where her class will be held. Jill was late after all, this was always happening to her. It seemed it didn 't matter when she would arrive she always got to class late because of the student parking. The problematic issue of student parking at Tyler Junior College is the parking lots are too small to fit all the students, parking areas are too far away from any classrooms, and there isn’t enough surveillance in these lots. First off there is approximately 11,000 students who attend TJC every semester, as well as faculty, and visitors. There are around 7,000 parking spaces on campus, including parallel parking on the side of the street. On top of this the lots are exponentially too small to accommodate all of the colleges students. The school does offer a few handicap spaces but it is often occupied by a non handicap pedestrian. This can be blamed on a result of overcrowding which pushes desperate students to park in places they should not. Overcrowding can lead to a stressful environment leaving students…

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