Student Orientation At The United States Essay

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I still remembered the first day arrive in Fresno, United States on August 12th, 2012 after 20 hours flight all the war from China, feeling sore and ache all over. When I came out from the terminal, the bright sunlight made me squint, the fresh air made me feel relaxed, I told myself “It is a new start!” Some Chinese students picked me up in the airport and drove me to atrium to check in. I felt my lips adhered and I couldn 't get them apart. I was so nervous that I cannot talk to resident assistants. I just nodded my head, signed documents and got the key. I went to international students orientation during the week before the school started, learning how to register online, ho two pay tuition, almost everything. Although, I just said few words such as “yes”, “Thank you.” I can listen and understand what they are talking about, which made me felt better. My roommate was a outgoing white America girl. The first time she told to me, my heart beating so fast and I did not dare to look at her eyes. I told her I came from China. She was so surprised and asked my life in China. She said that “You English is really good! Be confident!” I was so happy that she can understand what I am talking about. I became more confident as I talked more. Everything went so smoothly than what I expected. The first day of school was coming, and I believed I am ready for classes. However, when the school starts. It was another story. What happened to me which made me depressed and lost. I chose…

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