Essay on Student Motivation

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Motivation in Schools The topic I originally planned to look into for my Action Research Paper was the affect of reward systems on a student's academic performance. My idea was that a student's performance could be influenced by the presence of a reward system. I was interested in seeing if certain subject areas were more likely to use such systems than other subject areas. I strived to see if a student's academic performance could mean more than just their exam scores and ability to complete assignments. I wished to see if a reward system could change the way a student was motivated in the classroom; to see if their overall attitude could be changed. I also thought to look into their attendance in classes where motivation was …show more content…
He made a point of noting that most students feel the point of going to school is to get A's, and not to really learn. It is this need to perform that poses a threat to the education of all students, and traditional grades are the ultimate cause. There is more to memorizing the right answers; because teachers haven't completely done their job if the students don't understand why those answers are the right ones. Greg Michie's book, Holler if you Hear Me, took the opposite approach to what Kohn proposed. He not only offered his students praise when he felt they deserved it, but he took the time to empathize with them. He knew nothing about their cultures, and in time he came to learn many things about them. In the courses that he taught he always sought to find the best way to relate the material to his students. He often had them read about people from their cultures to serve as motivation that they could be more than the neighborhood expected of them. He also motivated his students by keeping his ears open to them, he listened when they talked, which was not always the case with their other teachers. I initially planned to gather my research primarily by interviewing at least 10 high school teachers, varying in their subject areas. I also planned to look further into the differences in advanced versus regular classes when it comes to motivating students to perform. I looked forward to observing first hand the

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