Essay Student M Is An Effective Learner

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Student M was chosen for the purposes of being tutored. Student M is a nine-year-old female who attends the fourth grade at Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary (EKB). She was born in ____________ and migrated to Miami in __________, when she was only _____ years old. Student M is an enthusiastic and engaged learner. She is always eager to participate regardless of being an emerging bilingual. Student M is currently an ESOL Level III student. She is a strong reader, an adequate speaker, and exhibits no behavioral issues. However, she does seem to exhibit some deficiencies in comprehension when she reads, and prepositions when she writes and speaks. As it was stated above, Student M is more than a willing learner, she is enthusiastic, committed, and cooperative to what is being taught in the classroom. While Student M does exhibit any major deficiencies in the classroom, it does not mean that she is without academic fault. As previously mentioned, as a result of informal assessments that were previously administered, Student M exhibits weaknesses with prepositions. It was noted that while summarizing a story, Student M, made the following statement: “We can’t see stars on the day because of the sun…”, “We can only see other suns with night…”, and “Stars are made with hot gas…”. Administering tutoring sessions, which consequently will strengthen Student M’s manipulation of semantics, can rectify these errors. As stated above, the goal of the tutoring sessions are to rectify the…

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