Student Loans Are A Crisis For Many College Students Essay

1006 Words Sep 21st, 2015 null Page
The majority of United States citizens want to attend college, but some simply feel they cannot afford it. College is expensive but there are ways to make it more affordable such as grants, scholarships, and student loans. Plenty of opportunities are given to college students to help pay for their tuition, but many don’t take advantage of these great opportunities. As a result, it has created an endless debate on whether student loans are affordable or if they are a crisis within the country. Allan and Thompson offer a great argument for the affordability of student loans, while Lewis and Zaidane take the other side of the debate and argue that student loans are a crisis for many college students. Although Allan and Thompson’s opinions on student loans differ from the opinions of Lewis and Zaidane, factors such as education, the degree earned, and whether or not the degree is used to its full potential really determines if student loans are affordable. Nicole Allan and Derek Thompson, the authors of The Myth of the Student Loan Crisis, feel “college is such a good investment, in fact, that it might even justify more student debt”, (Allan). But is this statement true? Well, Allan and Thompson state that the cost of college has increased 150% over that past 20 years, and student loans have increased one trillion dollars in the past year! Understandably this has caused many incoming college students, and anyone else wanting to go to college, to be discouraged in fear of…

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