Student Loan Debt Is A Rising Problem Essay

1124 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Student Loan Debt Student loan debt is a rising problem that our society continues to face. As our children are basically forced to enroll in college, most will graduate with thousands of dollars of debt. Some say if you do not have the funds to go to college, then why go? The answer is, without college the job opportunities are very limited. The United States is centered on working, moving up to the top, and making money. So from a very young age, the children of this generation think they don’t have a choice whether to go to college or not because they want to live the “American Dream.” One of the main problems is, “prior to the late 20th century, pursuing a college career wasn’t as quite as important as it is today, in the past, if you were a college graduate, you were considered a minority”(Josuweit). Today a college career is a necessity for the majority of careers. Just like anything else, when the demand of something increases so does the price. This then produced student loans. While there are benefits to student loans like receiving a good education, the downfall is the debt you will have when you get out of school. Many grown adults find themselves still paying off their student loans while they are married and having children of their own. How is one supposed to support a family while still paying off student loan debt from over ten years ago? Starting in the 1970’s the cost of tuition began to rise while government funding began to decrease. This is the…

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