Student Loan Debt And The High Price Of Higher Education Essay

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Caralee Adams author of “Students Alerted to Loan Debt,” Kim Clark author of “Learning the Hard Way,” and Hollis Phelps author of “A Degree in Debt: The High Price of Higher Education,” explain the consequences of student loan debt, specifically how students are forced to take out large amount of loans because of the “struggling” economy. The three articles stress the need for a higher education to be successful in life. The three articles also showcase a students’ fight for a quality, wont-break-the-bank education. In each of these articles, the multitude and differences of opinions of student loan debt are explored, and combined with each authors take on the consequences of debt that come along with the price of higher education. Adams, Clark, and Phelps explain and inform readers about the problems of student loan debt, the consequences, and attempt to offer a solution in an effort to avoid large student loan debt accumulation.

Clark and Phelps both agree that higher education gives opportunities for students to succeed in life. However, all three articles stress how the struggling economy affects the job market. Clark realizes the pressure students face in trying to find the means to attend college because they really don’t have many options. Clark mentions that in todays “job market” people are “penalized” for not spending the time and money to get a college education. He calls this a “grim situation,” and he asks, “but what choice do young people have?”…

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