Essay on Student Loan Debt And Its Effect On College Students

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The essays in Chapter 13 discussed the role of colleges in society today. There are many expectations students have of college, and there are many expectations that college place on prospective and current student. Unfortunately, gaining college education can be quite challenging, and one of the biggest obstacles that most college students face is student-loan debt, especially so soon after graduation. College plays a huge role in society especially in today’s time. There are so many connotations that we have attached to college in our society, and as a result, students are tied down to follow these social connotations. Firstly, many students are required to complete a college degree since their social status dictates them to do so. Many students finish high school, and might not want to pursue a college degree, because of what they are passionate about or because they want to take a break. However, they are almost required to do so by social standards. If someone has well-studying friends, and comes from a well-to-do family, and makes the decision not to go to college after high school, they are looked down on. This student would be expected to go to a good college, get a degree in medicine, law, or engineering, then get a well-paying job while continuing their education through PHDs, patents, and so on. This is true in many cultural practices as well, since in the culture, it might be highly valued for a student to go through college. Dropping out of college or high…

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