Student Learning Begins With Effective Teachers Essay

1055 Words Mar 28th, 2016 null Page
Student learning begins with effective teachers. Teachers are the heart of education, and keeping them healthy is a must for student achievement. Unfortunately, many factors in education are adversely affecting the classroom teacher, and the number of quality teachers entering and remaining in the field of education is dwindling significantly. Therefore, school administrators must take action to improve work motivation, create productive work environments, and implement comprehensive induction programs to head off this decline. Together these strategies will recruit and retain high quality and effective teachers while increasing student achievement. Teacher motivation is greatly affected by the administrator’s leadership style. Onjoro stated, “Leaders know when employees are empowered great things happen; productivity soars, motivation is high and retention increases. A boss talks, a leader listens” (2015). Administrators must identify what factors or career anchors, other than money, motivate their teachers to perform. When teachers are rewarded or acknowledged for their work, they feel a sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment, which in turn can enhance their performance. To better understand what motivates teachers in their work, an administrator needs to find out what meaning the job holds for them or the objective achieved from the job (Seyfarth, 2008). Getting to know the teachers by listening to them and building interpersonal relationships provides…

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