Student Learning At Science Based Classroom Environments Essay

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Student Learning in Science-Based Classroom Environments As a learning assistant for the analytical physics laboratory course, I have learned a great deal about how students learn and how to effectively use that knowledge to teach students. In the context of lab activities and open-ended research, several different pedagogical areas of interest have been extremely applicable to how I interact with students during my lab session and to what I believe is the best way for students to learn and retain new information in experimental settings. The use of the Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE) Cycle, classroom discourse, and the impact of undergraduate research experiences all have directly influenced how I can properly assist students in an experiment-based science or engineering course. By utilizing these ideologies, I can give students a more effective, diverse, and meaningful student learning experience. Eugenia Etkina and Alan Van Heuvelen studied student learning in physics and developed the ISLE Cycle in 2001 as an optimal learning method to properly prepare students for working in science and engineering industries. The ISLE cycle is a learning cycle adapted for activities involving scientific reasoning and investigation. The average physics lab activity will utilize this cycle, having students observe a certain physical phenomenon, come up with quantitative and qualitative explanations for it, perform an experiment to test those explanations, and then…

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