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I am writing to strongly endorse Ms. Lauren Rosenay’s candidacy for admission into your school. Lauren is a student in my Current Issues class at the Hebrew High School of New England (HHNE), and I also had the pleasure of having her last year in my United States History course.
I have found Lauren to be among the kindest, most unassuming, compassionate, thoughtful and responsible students I have encountered during my twenty years of teaching. She is always prepared for class as evidenced in her willingness and ability to participate intelligently in class discussions and she completes class and homework assignments with pride and often before the due dates. Her written work is clear, interesting and insightful, and she supports it with
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As president of the school’s drama club and director of HHNE school plays such as Suite Surrender!, Lauren, in her graceful, patient and inclusive manner, influences club members to be the best they can be and she has successfully recruited athletes as well as techies, HHNE students who would not otherwise become involved in drama. She has helped her student actors become more confident and more believable on stage and she takes pleasure in knowing she is assisting her classmates in such a significant way even though doing so bars her from acting, which she loves and is fantastic at.
Lauren’s demeanor is always polite and cheerful and she has a special gift for relating beautifully with people of all ages and personalities. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and I have seen her reach out to students who are on the fringes. Lauren consistently displays model behavior and her classmates look up to her and want to be around her because of it.
I am very proud of Lauren for the wonderful and likeable person she is and for all of her accomplishments. Lauren possesses all the positive qualities that are required of a serious student, friend and leader, and she would make a tremendous asset to any institution, academic or otherwise. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at your

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