Student Images For Non Profit Purposes Essay

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Publishing Student Images
At the beginning of the school year, parents are asked to sign a consent and release of liability agreement that allows the district to post student images for non-profit purposes. Provided there is parental consent, images may be posted on the school website and social media sites. When it comes to special populations, staff are frequently concerned about violating a student’s right to privacy. Ethical issues arise when images are posted that identify individual students as having special educational needs. There are times when we wish to celebrate the successes of our students, maybe by posting a picture of Special Olympics medal winners. It is common knowledge that participants in Special Olympics have a disability, so there is no need to mention this specifically, the awards the students received is sufficient. Most of the time, however, it is best to utilize pictures of students with special educational needs in inclusive groups or make no indication of their disability. For example, two students from a LIFE skills class may have been elected homecoming king and queen. There would be no issue with posting their picture, be it just the pair or include other members of the court, with a comment to the celebrate the event. It would be unethical to point out that they are members of the LIFE skills class, after all, if the homecoming king and queen were not receiving any special services, their classes would not be of any interest.
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