Student Financial Aid At Felician University Essay

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Good Afternoon. My name is Cynthia Montalvo, Director of Financial Aid at Felician University. First let me start by thanking the College Affordability Study Commission for the invitation to participate today. As President of the New Jersey Association of Student Financial Aid Professionals (NJASFAA) - a non-profit association with over 400 members, representing all sectors, I am here today with my two colleagues, Wil Casaine from The College of New Jersey and Stephanie Fitzsimmons from Brookdale Community College. Collectively we have over 75 years of student financial aid experience in higher education.
NJASFAA is a volunteer based association committed to providing professional development training. We are student advocates at the state, regional and national level. The Association collectively collaborates to support college access, affordability, and completion so that ultimately, our NJ higher education students contribute to the workforce demands of today and tomorrow.
As the Commission examines issues and develops recommendations to increase the affordability of higher education in New Jersey, we respectfully ask the Commission to bear in mind the significance of the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) and Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) programs. These programs are truly the underpinning of student assistance in NJ. Furthermore, these programs also philosophically address the people‚Äôs interest in funding student assistance and considering need as a primary factor…

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