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Student Exploration: DNA Fingerprint Analysis

Vocabulary: codon, DNA, DNA fingerprint, genotype, identical twins, nitrogenous base, phenotype, trait

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

1. The two navy officers shown at left are identical twins. Why do you think identical twins look so similar?

Identical twins look so similar because identical twins have the same genetic makeup, meaning, the same DNA (same nitrogenous bases). This is because by they are fertilized by the same egg, making them identical.

2. Most brothers and sisters don’t look exactly the same. What causes most siblings to have different
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The last two bases are part of codon 7, which was cut off when the scan was made.

A. Which codon or codons are identical in all three frogs?
Codon 6 for frogs A, I and J are identical in all three frogs. (16-18)

B. Scan more frogs with orange skin until you are confident that you have identified the correct codon for orange skin. Describe the results: All orange skinned frogs have the codon 6, even the ones with no spots and different eye color. Therefore this result shows that codon 6 codes for the skin color which is orange. C. Which codon codes for orange skin in this frog population?
Codon 6 codes for orange skin in this frog population (16-18 bases) 4. Analyze: Pick out two frogs with blue skin and nothing else in common.

A. Which codon do they share? Codons 4 and 6 were common in frogs G and D. B. Scan two more frogs with blue skin to confirm you have identified the correct codon. Describe the results:
In all 4 frogs which include G, D, K and H have codon 6 in common however; they do not have codon 4 in common. Codon 6 includes the bases of 16-18.

Activity B (continued from previous page) 5. Collect Data: Fill in the column for orange skin in the table below. For the codon pattern, shade in the dark bands but not the light colored bands. Then, continue scanning frogs until you are able to complete the rest of the columns in the table. | Orange skin | Blue

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