Student Engagement Is The Amount Of Attention Essay

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Student engagement is the amount of attention or interest that students have and show when they are learning or being taught. This extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their own education. In the “Culturally Inclusive Classrooms” textbook, it explains how reciprocal teaching can help encourage student engagement by giving students the opportunity and responsibility to be both learners and learning leaders. Learning leaders will ask questions to other students and/or the teacher to facilitate comprehension of course material, and encourages other students to ask questions. While “Talking Diversity”, suggests that teachers include students in collaborative rule making and classroom code of conduct. It is important for teachers to build relationships among students and with their students in order to have student engagement in their classroom. Another activity suggested is learning circles, it breaks the class down into smaller groups and can help students have a sense of belonging and relatedness among their peers in a less intimidating setting (ex. speaking in front of large class). In the “21st Century Learner”, it explains how inquiry or project-based learning can be a good tool to increase student engagement particularly if it’s a subject or topic of their choosing.
During Math period, my placement class had a number talk on addition. During this activity, students sat close to the front, different from their original seats, and sat on the…

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