Student Engagement Is An Essential Ingredient For Effective Schools

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As the principal of Crestview Elementary, I am proud to acknowledge the growth our school has shown in my three years as principal. We have implemented several strategies that have led to an increase in our scores on state standardized assessments. As the instructional leader, I am continually assessing the school processes and searching for possible ways to improve. After examining the school academic, discipline, and walk-through data, I have concluded that one area that needs to be improved upon is student engagement. The school’s academic data shows certain subgroups of students that continue to fall behind academically; the discipline data shows that our low performing students have a high number of discipline referrals, and our walk-through data indicates that approximately half of our student population are frequently disengaged during instruction. “Research shows that student engagement is an essential ingredient in effective schools (Marzano, Pickering, & Heflebower 2011).” According Finley (2014) disengaged students have lowered cognitive performance; increased disruptive behaviors; learned avoidance behaviors; impaired learning, behavior, and emotional problems; and increased absenteeism and dropout rates. In contrast, the engaged student experiences improved academic achievement and satisfaction; are more likely to persist through academic struggles; earn higher standardized test scores; have better social skills, and are less liable to drop out of school. My…

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