Student Engagement And Motivation Is It Lived Up At Their Expectations?

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One-to-One Computing and Learning: Has It Lived Up to Its Expectations?

One to one device initiatives in schools have been around for a number of years and some schools are moving into their second decade of implementation. The question remains, has it lived up to its expectations? Given the amount of money and time that has been put into implementing technology into K-12 Education, this seems like a fair question. The research shows some very mixed reviews and there are not many studies on technology integration as a whole, which could be considered part of the problem. Most of the research is based on individual schools, and on individual classes. A lot of the research up until now has relied on interviews and has focused on student engagement and motivation, which are difficult things to measure accurately. (Raming, 2014)
There are small samples of data that suggest, technology integration has helped improve student achievement in certain areas. For instance, Maine has had a 4% increase in writing scores after 5 years of laptop implementation. Some Michigan schools that have implemented 1:1 initiatives have had some higher student achievement scores; Texas middle schools that are 1:1 have also seen an increase in math scores. Conversely, some Michigan schools have reported no improvement, or lower student achievement results since implementing 1:1 devices, and Texas has reported lower writing scores. (Raming, 2014)
Why are opinions on the…

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