Student Debt Is Not For College? Essay example

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Student Debt A Reason Not To Go To College?
According to Robin Wilson ' 'the problem among students who go heavily in debt is that they are determined to attend their college dream, no matter what the cost. I 'm a Student that has a Large amount of student debt and according to statistics college is definitely worth it even though students go to an edge to pay for an expensive college degree its absolutely worth it. A college degree regardless the major is essential to advance the earning potential in any student’s life. According to the U.S Census Bureau the difference of annual salaries is astonishing education levels from high school drop outs which make (18,734) High School Graduates making (27,915) and College Graduates with bachelor’s degree making (51,206) it is clear that more education leads to making more money. Say a person working a lifetime or 40 years of working, one with a high school diploma would make 1,116,000 while one with a bachelor’s degree makes 2,048,204. Students with college degrees have a great advantage over student only have a high school diploma, because when employers look their resume they not only see the college degree but also that the student is independent and ready to make his own decisions, know how to make responsible choices having to do with life and work. Also students in college are used to working in diverse groups. College brings challenges that students couldn 't find in high school, Even…

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