Student Debt Is A Rising Problem Essay

1019 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
One in five households in America owe students loans. Student debt is a rising problem in the United States. Back in 2008 there were 40 million people that had outstanding student loans (CNN). Since 2008, that number has gone up to 43 million (Irwin). The numbers keeps increasing as the years go by due to the rising cost of attendance. Since those numbers keeps on increasing it makes it hard for people to better themselves. Six months after graduation, the lenders expect the borrower to start paying on their loans if they decide not to continue their education after their first degree. Compared to other countries, what has government done to help those in need when it comes to the rise of student debt?
In other countries, such as Germany and Finland, allow their residents to get a higher education for free or for a low cost of tuition. Germany is made up of states just like the United States of America the only difference is they have system built in where the people pay higher taxes, because Germany believes that a higher education is a public services, not a private one (Staff). Germany’s university is set up just like some of the ones in the states, small classes, and a good teacher to student ratio. Some other places are not free, but have a system in place to help.
Britain is a place where college is not free and students still have to pay, but they have a system set up to help graduates pay their loans. Instead of making graduates pay right off the back they base their…

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