Student Choreography : A Teacher Choreography Project Essay examples

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Student Choreography Reflection My most recent endeavor in dance class was a student choreography project. This assignment, spanning a term of several weeks, proved itself to be both an exciting experience and an instructive journey. The first task in starting this project was to form a group chosen from members in class. Next, it became logical for each member of this newly developed group to introduce themselves and their leading ideas to the group as a whole. During this process, various ideas were expressed in terms of concept and conceptual meaning. After much discussion, we sat down together the succeeding day and agreed upon a singular concept. Our concept is best summarized as the contrasting forces of light and dark. Personally, I took interest in pursuing this topic after a discussion came up in regards to a concept based on opposite forces. Multiple suggestions were tossed around before coming to a firm agreement on this subject. The concept of light and dark, in addition to fulfilling this trait of opposition, offered our group much diversity and room for individualistic approach. Such an idea could be compared to a color spectrum, as there really was no black and white attitude to defining this concept. Another characteristic of our concept that interested me most was the combination of literal and figurative depth. In reference to color, this concept was shown as the contrast of light shades and dark tones. Figuratively, however, the perception of light and…

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