Student Choice Of Teachers Students Essay

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Central DeWitt High School allows students to select their courses, but they are not allowed to choose their teacher. Students are required to choose courses through an online management system, however students will often select courses based on whom currently teaches the course. Students know that this will increase their chances of being in their preferred teacher’s classes.
It is important for the administration to consider how student choice of teachers impacts their success in school. When schedules are created without gathering information on student’s preferred teacher, students will often request a schedule change. This can create an imbalance of students in each course, increase the number of requests to change their schedule after courses have started, may increase behavioral concerns, and may have an effect on student’s social and emotional wellbeing.
The online computer program that the school district uses will generate the number of sections based on the number of students that sign up for each class and how each individual course will fit into the master schedule. This system is able to provide the best options for the majority of students based on the courses selected, teacher available, and how many sections of each class that is needed.
There are subjects and curriculum that require specific endorsements to teach the course. There are subjects where teachers can teach most courses within each category, but there are other subjects where…

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