Student Centered Approach For Students While Maintaining Academic Integrity

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Candidate Name: Javiera Diaz Guevara

We would like your opinion. In the media, there are several debated topics related to higher education today. Please provide your personal viewpoint on the questions below. This is meant to be a personal opinion piece with no research required. Please complete your responses and return as an attachment while we await your transcripts.

1. There is a lot of discussion around the student-centered approach in academia. How would you balance the needs of students while maintaining academic integrity?

I believe that the student-centered approach is important, especially in online learning environments. This is because online learning mainly involves communication via writing, so it is important that both students and instructors interact equally. This method of instruction also encourages students to collaborate and communicate better with each other.

Furthermore, instructors are often faced with the ethical concern of balancing the needs of students while maintaining academic integrity. I believe that one of the best ways for instructors to balance the needs of students is to review carefully the academic and technical standards that are essential to a course. This will help instructors establish a nondiscriminatory baseline of course content and expectations required of all students. Instructors can then make reasonable accommodations for individual students that do not compromise the essential methods of course instruction.


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