Student Body President Essay

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What makes this whole situation even more unfair is the other student, who was allowed to run unopposed and take the position of Student Body President, was also enrolled in multiple IDLA class and a religion release class. Therefore, if this student had been held to the same standards as I was, he would not have been allowed to run either. However, when ask, Bott admitted in an email that the student’s religion release class was taken into account when determining his full-time status because “they knew where he was.”

My mom and I tried to resolve this situation at the school level with Bott. When that proved to be unsuccessful, we went to the school district, and finally, after getting nowhere with the two, the district school board. We attended the Cassia County School Board on May 20, 2014 to discuss the situation further. I went into the meeting not seeking a reelection, as the elections had already come and gone. However, this was not my first (or second, or even third) negative experience with no resolution at DHS and I wanted to let them know that I would not tolerate their behavior any longer.

However, the meeting did not go well. Of the five board members, Steve Lynch, Ryan Cranney, and Heber Loughmiller were very condescending and rude throughout the meeting. Loughmiller went as far as to accuse me of “using” Declo High School because I would not be transferring to another school my senior year. (Why should I tuck tail and run while all I wanted was a more…

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