Student Behavior Management And Its Influence On Children 's Social And Emotional Learning

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Student behaviour is one of the most critical concerns in schools today. According to Kearns (2010) that student’s behaviour management are influence by their cultures, belief and child rearing practices. Discipline/behaviour management is a clear set of rules defining conduct and behaviour that is explained to the children and understood by the educators (Rogers, 2014). Behaviour management is about teaching students how to behave correctly in various situations. It is not punishment as the ultimate goal of discipline/behaviour management is to teach students to have discipline and an understanding of the consequences of their behaviour and to develop their social emotional learning. However, in managing behaviour, it is important to consider the importance of the relationship between theory and practice (Bullock & Brownhill, 2011). The theories form a part of educator’s understanding and appreciation of behaviour management and have influence children’s social and emotional learning. However, educators faced with student’s misbehaviour in schools everyday and need effective strategies of preventing and responding to misbehaviour.

Some of the theories that guided effective behavioural management are social learning theory who believed that children learn through imitating other’s behaviour by modelling positive behaviour and rewarding children who behave well and the behaviourist theory who believes children are rewarded to reinforce positive behaviour (behaviourist…

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