Case Study: Student Athletes Play For Success

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Student Athletes Play for Success
“We all care about our students’ success, and participating in sports programs in school helps students to have a better future.” More than 7.6 million students played high school sports during school year, more students are attending high school sport which causes that number to increase each year. Even though some people believe sport programs at school will hurt student physically and academically Schools should have sports programs because student athlete perform better academically and behaviorally in class, sport programs helps students attend school more often, sport programs at school helps students to behave better in class and work hard, and sport programs give students the desire to graduate high school. All schools should provide sport programs in their school because sport helps students attend school more often. One reason that involvement in a sports program will help students attend school more frequently is that student athletes will try their best not to skip school. According to Forest Lake School, “Student athlete have a good attendance record and never cut classes or school If a student-athlete is suspended from school, he/she will automatically be suspended from the next athletic contest.” This quotation reveals that
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According to Forest Lake School, “student athlete should give respectful attention to classroom activities and show respect for students, staff, faculty, and administrators at all times”. This quote is saying that student athlete should give respect to classmate,staff and faculty all the time. This quote support my big argument because student are being respectful to their teacher and classmate. Being a respectful student athlete will help student behavior in the future. Another way being involved in a sports program will help students behave better by respecting themselves and

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