Student-Athlete Struggles Essay

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Throughout high school people tend to associate with people like themselves whether it be cheerleaders with other cheerleaders, honor students with other honor students, or even music lovers with other music lovers. Through all these different types of people in one high school setting, two groups stand out above all, high school athlete participants (student-athletes) and those who do not participate in high school athletics (regular students). From available time outside of school, to diversity in additional activities, student-athletes and regular students share and differ in these aspects of high school.
Three-a-days in addition to summer workouts, practice five days a week, a multitude of games, the playoffs, the injuries, and the
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The typical high school Valedictorian might be a member of ten to fifteen clubs, maybe a president of three of them and an officer or treasurer in the others, he or she might go on extensive mission trips through ones’ church or even work a part-time job throughout a year. Being a regular student provides for these great array of diverse options outside of the classroom in participating in club or church activities and working a job. In opposition, a student-athlete might only have time for at the most one club or a small one-day church retreat as his or her athletics consume his or her life outside of school. The life of a student-athlete is very demanding and excruciating at times leaving many of them often overly tired or fatigued to where life outside of school and athletics is lacking sufficient time and diversity. So as your regular high school students sends in his flawless college application displaying his or hers 3.8+ GPA with participation in multiple clubs and additional activities through the act of community service with absolutely no disciplinary records, the student-athlete struggles in bragging about themselves outside of sports as they were left with no time to diverse themselves in a multitude of clubs and community service and often received lower grades for they could not study extensively because of time and

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